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Our collaborative approach to problem solving has led to groundbreaking innovations in quality, safety and population health. Members benefit from continuous, diverse educational offerings, including meetings, webinars, workshops, newsletters and customized education. Each collaborative features a program liaison who connects members to relevant Premier experts and additionalresources.

Healthcare Innovators Collaborative

Succeed in value-based paymentmodels.

Tap Premier’s expertise in value-based care design, research, advisory services and data analytics.

Gain deeper insights on legislative issues with access to daily news feeds and Premier’s resource library.

Understand patient-specific population health management strategies and share best practices.

Work with medical leaders to develop new ideas and better population health solutions.

Premier Oncology Collaborative

Improve patient outcomes through evidence-based care and precisionmedicine.

Identify and implement financial models to help accelerate appropriate testing.

Capture oncology biomarkers; test and validate new cancer treatments in a real-world environment. 

Pinpoint reimbursement barriers and develop strategies to overcome them.

Scale precision medicine projects nationally leveraging Premier’s research and data.

Premier Innovation and Research Collaborative

Lead the transformation of healthcare quality andvalue.

Share resources and learnings with other health systems in determining research best practices.

Identify new funding sources for clinical research and improvement science.

Access a national network of research facilities and partnerships.

Expand the impact on patient care nationally leveraging Premier’s research and data.

Meet our experts and put our best-in-class, HIPAA-compliant database to work for you.

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