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Understanding the type(s) of patients or providers that are using your product and how they are using it can be extremely useful.  Have you ever wondered how your product compares to your competitors? If you have questions about past and current status of care, Premier Applied Sciences can assist you. From understanding usage patterns of a drug to care patterns of a population, Premier has research teams ready to answer yourquestions.


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Outcomes Research

Understand the burden of illness, describe treatment patterns, identify events associated with treatments and compare the effectiveness of different treatment strategies. Outcomes research seeks to study and optimize the end results of healthcare in terms of benefits to patients and populations, with the intent to identify shortfalls in practice and develop strategies to improve care.

Comparative Effectiveness

Determine differences in the effectiveness of multiple therapeutic interventions, including outcomes, safety and harms. The core question of comparative effectiveness research is which treatment works best for whom, and under what circumstances. When we know this, we can better assist consumers, clinicians, purchasers and policymakers to make informed decisions that will improve healthcare at both the individual and population levels.

Health Economics Outcomes Research

Understand the economic impact of therapeutic treatments on the healthcare system processes of care for patients and populations. Health economics research assesses the end results of healthcare services, providing evidence for the value for specific medical treatments or interventions that can be used to make better decisions and improve healthcare.

Burden of Illness

Access data with analysis around burden of illness to fully understand it’s impact as measured by financial cost, mortality, morbidity, or other indicators. Burden of illness describes the epidemiology and disease state burden of relevant diseases, including current use of various treatments. 

Prospective Registries

Create your own prospective registry on Premier’s proprietary platform. Prospective registries are often created when the current data is not readily available or standardized for use. Data can come from an EHR, points of care or even directly from patients.  

Market Analysis

Describes the burden of illness, current use of various treatments or the epidemiology of relevant diseases. Get detailed descriptive data about disease states, as well as drug, intervention and device usage patterns.

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The emergence of biosimilars over the last few years has introduced a new competitive specialty pharmaceuticals market to combat the rising price tags on expensive biologics.

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Premier Healthcare Database

An in-depth look at the attributes and capabilities of the Premier Healthcare Database (PHD)


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