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Understanding how treatments perform in the real world is crucial. The 21st Century Cures Act provides greater relevance to Real-World Evidence (RWE) and how it can be used to better delineate the best choices for patients, populations and health systems.

What you need is a partner who can not only help you gain access to data, but also make sense of it. At Premier, our goal is to deliver HIPAA-compliant data along with powerful insights so you can:

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The most comprehensive insights into hospital administrative data, including cost and charge data

Best-in-class, HIPAA-compliant database

Unparalleled accuracy and  exacting validation procedures

Data License, Data Extracts, DataDashboards

Healthcare databases house “big data” and offer several advantages as a robust research tool. A comprehensive, hospital-based healthcare history of each patient in the acute care space is available. Since patients and physicians are not involved in the data collection, potential bias is eliminated. The Premier Healthcare Database provides a unique opportunity to use real-world data to conduct evidence-based and population-based analyses of drugs, devices, other treatments, disease states, epidemiology, resource utilization, healthcare economics and clinical outcomes. 

The Premier Healthcare Database is a unique dataset containing both administrative data and microbiology test results.

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Did you know?
Did you know?

The Premier Healthcare Database(PHD) contains data from 25 percent of U.S. hospital discharges with a volume of 
1 Billion patient encounters.

Premier members can choose to purchase a data license, a data extract or a data dashboard.

A data license permits access to the complete Premier Healthcare Database, with or without periodic updates, for the purpose of conducting secondary data research during the license period.

A data extract permits access to a single delivery of data from a subset of the Premier Healthcare Database for the purpose of conducting secondary data research during the license period.

A data dashboard is a tool that provides quick and easy access to dashboards configured from the Premier Healthcare Database.

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Premier Healthcare Database (COVID-19): Data that Informs and Performs

Whether your organization is interested in evaluating novel testing and treatment options, supplying health systems with life-saving medications and equipment, or in ensuring patients are able to continue to manage their chronic conditions, download this whitepaper for a detailed description of the attributes and capabilities of the PHD as it relates to COVID-19 data.

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Premier Healthcare Database

This whitepaper provides a detailed description of the attributes and capabilities of the Premier Healthcare Database (PHD), which has been utilized by the pharmaceutical and device industries, academia, healthcare insurers and healthcare policy makers for clinical, financial and outcomes analyses.

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