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Engage directly with influential stakeholders to address business challenges.

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Integrate evidence-based practices, interventions and policies to help improve outcomes and the quality of care.

Accelerate care alignment with evidence-based guidelines and best practices.

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Provider and PatientEngagement

Leverage Premier's expert resources to develop solutions, interventions, detailed discussion guides and program structures that can be tested and scaled to influence provider behavior while ultimately enhancing patient care.


Convene high-caliber professionals and influential stakeholders by accessing our extensive national network of over 4,100 hospitals and health systems and approximately 200,000 other providers.

Uncover the dynamic relationship between payers, providers, manufacturers, technology, consumers and communities.

Integrate desirable and practical ideas into clinical practice across the care continuum.


Relevant Data

Understand what type of information or data is most meaningful to influence provider practice and identify effective communication strategies to facilitate awareness of new treatment options.

Collaborative Environment

Engage directly with influential stakeholders to gather insights, identify knowledge gaps and treatment strategies, foster peer-to-peer information sharing and address business challenges.

Outcomes Driven

Participate in a real-world evidence council that provides an action-driven and collaborative approach, co-creating innovative solutions.

Educational Opportunities

Work in partnership with our team of experts to develop a strategy to disseminate key learnings with members, including white papers, webinars, publications and additional educational materials.

The Premier® team did a masterful job of coordinating and conducting the multicenter assessment of our product and the subsequent white paper. I can’t thank them enough for putting such a stellar team together to produce an important product that is of superior quality and will help our organization determine its next steps in product improvement, development and distribution.

- Brian P. Crawford, CEO and Co-Founder of Splashblocker, LLC

Premier Healthcare Database (COVID-19): Data that Informs and Performs

Whether your organization is interested in evaluating novel testing and treatment options, supplying health systems with life-saving medications and equipment, or in ensuring patients are able to continue to manage their chronic conditions, download this white paper for a detailed description of the attributes and capabilities of the PHD as it relates to COVID-19 data.

Download White Paper

Premier Healthcare Database

This white paper provides a detailed description of the attributes and capabilities of the Premier Healthcare Database (PHD), which has been utilized by the pharmaceutical and device industries, academia, healthcare insurers and healthcare policy makers for clinical, financial and outcomes analyses.

Download White Paper

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