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Studies, test methods, strategies and tools promote the adoption and integration of evidence-based practices, interventions and policies into routine healthcare and public health settings to help improve outcomes and the quality and effectiveness of care.


Speed translation from discovery to application and incorporate new findings into clinical practice with our expert guidance and partnerships.

Gather exclusive insight through the development of structured surveys, clinical education modules and literature reviews.

Promote the adoption of interventions that have proven effective into routine practice.


Performance Driven

Facilitate deployment of solutions that bridge significant knowledge gaps to improve program effectiveness and optimize efficiency.

Outcomes Focused

Examine how interventions can be adapted and scaled in ways that are accessible and achievable, considering proven methods and unique circumstances, all aiming to improve population health.

Rapid Implementation

Identify barriers for implementing best practices and find solutions that can accelerate adoption at the local and system level.

Patient Centric

Build patient-centered tools that allow busy care teams the opportunity to practice evidence-based approaches in a meaningful and efficient way.

COVID-19 Data Special Release

Download this white paper for a detailed description of the attributes and capabilities of PINC AI™ Healthcare Data in this special release on COVID-19.

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PINC AI™ Healthcare Data

This white paper provides a detailed description of the attributes and capabilities of the PINC AI™ Healthcare Data (PHD), which has been utilized by the pharmaceutical and device industries, academia, healthcare insurers and healthcare policy makers for clinical, financial and outcomes analyses.

Download White Paper

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