Address performance improvement efforts while balancing considerations relative to the quadruple aim.

Share knowledge and develop solutions together with Premier's member-driven forum comprised of industry leaders and executives.

Setting the standard with an industry leading and comprehensive physician performance benchmark database.

Data &Analytics

Providers don't need more data. They need the right information. 

To drive effective, informed decision-making, medical group leaders must bring the right information to their discussions with providers. Premier's business intelligence platform combines complex data points and helps health systems manage the operational and financial performance of their employed medical groups. 

Automate and Standardize

Automate currently manual process of data aggregation and reconciliation. Standardize the methodology of looking at operational and financial performance.

Compare and Identify

Compare performance to historical trends within the group, budgets and industry benchmarks such as MGMA, Inflow, Sullivan Cotter, AAMC, etc. Identify performance gaps and develop roadmaps for making improvements.

Deliver Insights

Share business intelligence with providers, practice administrators, revenue cycle directors, analysts and executives via a simple, web-based system.

Did you know?
Did you know?

Premier’s industry leading, comprehensive physician performance benchmark database covers 30,000+ providers across 110+ specialties.

Technology Snapshot

Actionable data with internal and external peer comparison, Executive-level dashboards, Management reporting, provider-level reporting, Interactive drill down capability

Infographic: Customer Data,including Billin, Scheduling, Payroll and General Ledger feed into InfloHeath Back Ent SQL Database where the InflowHealth BI Platform uses systematic formulas and algorithms to process all data and information with injected MGMA, Sulliva Cotter, AAMC, etc, and comparison data from 30,000 other InfloHealth subscribers and are output in a Web-based front end including web-accessible reports, dashboards and analytics tools.

Engagement Strategies: Moving the Needle on Performance

Physician Enterprise Collaborative

Engage in member-driven forum focused on data sharing, transparency, policy advocacy, shared learning and cohorts with other medical groups. Activities include an annual user group meeting, webinar presentations and focused performance improvement activities.

Monthly Operational Performance Reviews

Review customer performance monthly in InflowHealth areas such as patient access, provider FTE status and productivity, revenue cycle metrics and support staffing levels to identify potential performance gaps for certain specialties or providers.


Discuss identified performance gaps and assist with prioritizing areas of focus while sharing insights and experience based on work with other InflowHealth customers.

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