Steady success. Premier’s Medicare ACOs consistently outperform the national average.

Significant results. Improve quality and manage costs, all while earning new income in the form of shared savings.

Positive alignment. Manage patients across the continuum of care and improve the patient experience.

Cost-effective insights and tailored transformational strategies for medical group performance.


PINC AI™ delivers one of the largest, most powerful Bundled Payment Collaboratives in the U.S., with experts working directly with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) in all current bundled payment models and non-CMS bundles. Our bundled payment services and solutions support health systems through education, analytics and best practices, helping them to accelerate performance, reduce costs and improvecare.  


Reduced costs

Members have saved millions of dollars by reducing length of stay, readmissions and post-acute care utilization.

Increased savings

Our Bundled Payment Collaborative members have earned over $175M in CMS bundled payment programs.

Improved outcomes

Episode-based care plans mean better outcomes for patients. They get home sooner, have resources and contact post-discharge, and are able to gain full mobility in the home setting. 



The PINC AI™ Bundled Payment Collaborative is one of the largest in the U.S. focused on episode-based care. We’ve gathered research, data and insights from hundreds of providers over the years. Members of the Bundled Payment Collaborative outperformed their peers by 35 percent in achieving positive savings payments nationally. 

Being part of the Bundled Payment Collaborative has really made a difference for us. The Premier team has also done an excellent job in helping us to educate our physician and administrative leads for each of our six bundles.

- Kaleida Health, NY

Our decision making related to our bundle is impacting our readmission rate, which has been decreasing. This increases our confidence in our work and the information we get from Premier’s analytics tool. Southwest General achieved a 17% reduction in 90-day readmissions.

- Southwest General (CHF in Bundled Payment Collaborative)


Our claims analytics solution supports all Medicare bundled payment models simultaneously, including CJR, OCM, and BPCI Advanced, and aggregates data into easy-to-understand formats and dashboards.

PINC AI’s bundled payment analytics solution also offers Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF) Compare and Home Health Compare tools that pull all publicly available data into one platform so you can quickly identify the best post-acute care providers. Our Gainsharing Analytics Platform (GSAP) tool incorporates claims-based and provider-supplied data to ensure efficient and accurate distributions to providers.

Premier’s GSAP platform has been a valuable tool to calculate and display results, as well as educate physicians on the gainsharing outcomes in relation to their quality metrics and shared savings earnings. The ease of this system has alleviated administrative resources needed to run a successful gainsharing program and has allowed us to focus on the operational impact of the BPCI program.

- St. Luke’s University Health Network, PA
Did you know?
Did you know?

Approximately 75% of collaborative members achieved savings for Medicare.

Bundled Payment Care Improved – Advanced

Gain a competitive advantage by participating in Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Advanced (BPCI Advanced), a voluntary, bundled-payment program CMS. PINC AI will help you build and sustain internal capabilities to develop your post-acute network, reduce clinical variation and safely reduce costs while improving outcomes. Our proven model allows you to retain 100 percent of your savings. Learn more

PINC AI CJR participants outperform nonmembers

Approximately 86% of CJR participants in the PINC AI Bundled Payment Collaborative received positive savings payments from Medicare, a rate which outperforms other CJR participants by 70%.

Did you know?
Did you know?

Approximately 75% of CJR participants in PINC AI’s scored good or excellent while 70% of participants outperformed the nation.

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