Steady success. Premier’s Medicare ACOs consistently outperform the national average.

Significant results. Improve quality and manage costs, all while earning new income in the form of shared savings.

Positive alignment. Manage patients across the continuum of care and improve the patient experience.

Accountable Care Organizations(ACOs)

Medicare ACOs in the Premier Population Health Management Collaborative (PHMC) outperform peers by 57% in achieving shared savings. The PHMC gives Premier ACOs the opportunity to share ideas and best practices for optimizing financialperformance. 


Premier ACOs see increased shared savings of nearly 50% compared to 31% nationally. 

Premier ACOs outperform their peers in 18 out of the 33 quality measures, with the greatest gains in meeting meaningful use, fall prevention and pneumonia vaccinations.

With only 6% of all Medicare ACO program participants, Premier ACOs have generated 20% of the savings since 2012. 


Collaborative Learning

The PHMC approach condenses the learning curve for organizations to improve care delivery, quality and efficiency; enhance the patient experience; generate higher margins; and optimize hospital-clinician alignment while advancing toward population health management success.

Did you know?
Did you know?

If all Medicare ACOs performed at the level of PHMC members, Premier projects that Medicare could have doubled its savings since 2012 to $4 billion.

Premier has played a big role in our success. When we implement their recommendations, we get excellent results.

- Member - KLAS quote from 2018 Best in KLAS: Software & Services report

Specific and Agnostic Payers

With nationwide growth in ACOs and other alternative payment models (APMs), the value-based care movement continues to gain ground in both public and private sectors. While providers are showing success in Medicare ACO programs, we are also seeing them succeed with Medicare Advantage and commercial alternative payment arrangements. 

Analytics and Benchmarking

Organizations can visualize their ACO populations’ cost and medical utilization by key service categories compared to national and well-managed benchmarks. This allows them to effectuate change faster within their ACO at the facility and beneficiary levels. Additionally, the platform allows groups to quickly stratify their opportunities and measure ROI so they can focus on the areas with the greatest potential return.

Premier has improved our analytics and performance metrics considerably. We have seen improved engagement and retention with employees because of our improved transparency into performance.

- Health System CEO - KLAS quote from 2018 Best in KLAS: Software & Services report

I have worked with all of the big consulting firms, and they had talented people, but they never had the data that Premier has.

- Member - KLAS quote from 2018 Best in KLAS: Software & Services report

Population Health Strategy

Achieving the improvements necessary to reach financial success is difficult work. It requires a multitude of synergies, aligned incentives and compensation models, standardized processes, the right market conditions, a high-value and committed provider network, and robust population health data and analytics. Premier provides expertise around all these elements for success. 

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